Seeking Your Feedback on Our Most Successful Standards

Over the past twenty-seven years, Green Seal has published dozens of environmental leadership standards and certified over 4,000 products. We have achieved the most success over these years in the cleaning product industry, and have invested greatly in helping manufacturers green their products. About one-third of our 32 active standards define environmental leadership for specific types of cleaning products.

For cleaning product manufacturers and for institutional purchasers, Green Seal is a well-known product certifier. Our services are trusted and respected, and the Green Seal Certification Mark is a widely recognized symbol that shows that a product has been evaluated for both performance and environmental leadership. A key facet of our success has been that our certification process is transparent and scientific; certification is based on our accurate and publicly available environmental leadership standards.

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Call for Public Input on Insulation

New Environmental Standard

for Architectural Insulation Materials, GS-54

Green Seal invites stakeholders and interested individuals to assist in the development of this new environmental leadership standard – GS-54.

Register to comment here.

Purpose: This standard is being developed to help purchasers identify and choose environmentally preferable architectural insulation products.

Stakeholders: Green Seal is soliciting suggestions and comments from diverse stakeholders including manufacturers, facility managers, operators, consumer groups, health and environmental groups, and general interest groups.

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Call for Comments – Laundry Standard Updates

A Message from Green Seal’s Science & Standard Department…

GS-48 Image 2Green Seal invites the public to participate in the revision of Green Seal’s Standards for Laundry Products.

We welcome comments of support and criticism – both types of comments will help us evaluate the proposed changes.

To submit comments, please register as a stakeholder through our online commenting portal.

Comments will be accepted until October 25.

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Cassie-ColorAn Announcement by Cassie Johnson, P.E., Green Seal’s Environmental Engineer II

Green Seal is planning revisions to our paints and coatings standards, GS-11 and GS-47, in the near future. We intend to expand the scope of these standards to add new product categories. We are also evaluating the potential of combining these two standards into one and considering updates to some of the criteria.

Our current review has been focused primarily on identifying product categories that could be added to the scope of these standards, mainly those that are similar in purpose or chemistry to those included in the current scope. The criteria in GS-11 effectively exclude clear, tinted, and transparent architectural coatings, and floor coatings other than latex paint. These products are not included in scope of GS-47, since it includes only products intended for use on wood or metal surfaces.

We are currently considering the following product categories for inclusion in the scope, for both interior and exterior use:

  • Permanent floor coatings (e.g., coatings for tile, stone, terrazzo, and vinyl floors)
  • Concrete sealers (non-breathable)
  • Concrete guards (breathable)
  • Clear wall coatings (e.g., anti-graffiti)
  • Masonry sealers
  • Coatings intended for fire resistance (e.g., intumescent paints)

As a preliminary step prior to our revision process, we are seeking your suggestions for any additional categories that could be added to the scope of Green Seal’s paints and coatings standards. Feedback can be provided either through Green Seal’s online forum or by e-mailing us.

Please provide your feedback by Thursday, August 7, 2014.

To Provide Feedback through the On-Line Forum

To Provide Feedback by E-Mail

If you have any questions regarding this commenting process, please e-mail Cassie Johnson at, or call (202) 872-6400.

Thank you for your interest and assistance with this process!

Cassie Johnson, P.E.

Environmental Engineer

Public Comment Period is OPEN for Proposed Restaurants and Food Services Standard

restaurant photoAn extension of our post from earlier this week…Green Seal is now inviting the public to comment on our proposed Standard for Restaurants and Food Services – which we have designated “GS-45.” GS-45 will provide detailed guidance for restaurants that are seeking to green their business operations including:

  • responsible food purchasing
  • reducing food waste
  • water and energy efficiency
  • and environmentally-preferable purchasing

Beyond using this standard as a guide, restaurants around the US can apply to become certified to GS-45 in order to prove and verify their sustainability leadership. Applications will be available once GS-45 is finalized.

How can you help? Register for free to comment on this standard. Do you think that this standard is clearly written? Does it accurately demonstrate sustainability leadership in the foodservice industry? We want your feedback.

Public Comment Period is OPEN for Specialty Cleaners and Hotels.

Beginning the New Year by Re-Defining Leadership

A quick review: Green Seal develops science-based standards to help companies green their products and services. Standards are lists of criteria that companies must meet for their products or services to be Green Seal Certified. This month, we announce the Public Comment Period for three standards:

Deadlines: Specialty Cleaners: February 2. Hotels & Lodging Properties: January 30.

Register to become a Public Commenter by clicking the links above.

Interested in the science and details? Keep reading…

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