Celebrate the National Parks with Sustainable Travel

fdrBy Ben Walsh, Green Seal’s Project Coordinator

When people think of National Parks, most think of majestic vistas and wilderness locations.  However, there are 409 parks throughout the country that include National Parks, National Battlefields, National Seashores, National Monuments, and National Historic Sites.  Washington, DC, itself has 23 different National Parks including the White House.  I am privileged to be a volunteer at a number of those with the National Mall & Memorial Parks.

In addition to my work with Green Seal, I’ve always been a fan of the National Parks and a history buff.  Looking for a chance to get outside and connect with people, I became a Volunteer in the Parks (VIP) in 2009.  For the last seven years, I have been honored to work at some of our nations most visited and most hallowed memorials. I’ve met soldiers who stormed the beaches at Iwo Jima, couples that marched with Dr. King, and family members who broke down crying at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I have been lucky enough to hear their stories and then re-tell them to the next generation, to the millions of students who come to D.C. to learn about their history. My day job involves enhancing suitability through researching best practices and environmental criteria, while my weekend job allows me to bring the parks alive for visitors and show them why conservation and protection is important.  Continue reading “Celebrate the National Parks with Sustainable Travel”

Insights from Inside the Green Office Partnership Program

This blog post describes the Green Seal Green Office Partnership Program experience from the perspective of a partner organization — the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Green Seal recently honored the IEEE Washington Office as a Green Office Partner for promoting a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable work environment.

The office, serving as IEEE-USA and IEEE Computer Society headquarters, was among 14 in the Washington metropolitan area to receive recognition in The Green Seal Green Office Partnership Program. It was chosen for a workplace sustainability review in September 2014, courtesy of the American Society of Association Executives Foundation, which provided a $500 grant to support the activity.

Green Seal Project Coordinator Ben Walsh toured the national capital workspace with a 45-item checklist, evaluating it against a set of mandatory and optional criteria:

  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Office supplies
  • IT equipment & management
  • Kitchen & pantry supplies
  • Operational systems
  • Transportation
  • Staff training & education

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How To Become a Green Office Partner

Headshot Dec 2013By Ben Walsh, Green Seal Project Coordinator

We spend roughly one third of our day in an office consuming energy and interacting with the environment around us.  Have you ever wondered if you and your office are doing everything possible to save money and protect the environment?  This is where the Green Seal™ Green Office Partnership Program comes in.  In 2014, Green Seal piloted a checklist in association with the ASAE Foundation and Whiteford, Taylor, & Preston—the major donors of the pilot program.

Since launching the program last year, the following fourteen offices have met the criteria to obtain Green Partner status:

  • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
  • American Society of Association Executives
  • American Society for Nutrition
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • American Wind Energy Association
  • Building Owners and Managers Association International
  • Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards
  • Federal Bar Association
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Investment Adviser Association
  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Metacred, Inc.
  • National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
  • Whiteford, Taylor, and Preston, LLP
Reception celebrating the new Green Office Partners
Reception celebrating the newest Green Office Partners

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How can my office be greener?

Headshot Dec 2013By Ben Walsh, Green Seal Project Coordinator

Have you ever wondered whether you could recycle that yogurt cup or pizza box?

Have you ever noticed a colleague throwing soda cans into the trash day after day?

Maybe you’ve wondered if the computers in the office were the most energy efficient. As a former office manager, I often asked those questions and maintained this curiosity when I came to Green Seal. What are the best ways I can make my office and our operations more sustainable?

Whether you own your office space or lease it, as an office manager you make operational and purchasing choices every day that can significantly reduce the footprint of your office and provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff. That’s where the Green Seal™ Green Office Partnership Program comes in. We are proud to announce the launch of this brand new pilot program.

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