Green Seal and the Book

Environmental Book SigningBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

The previous blogs on my new book, In the Light of Humane Nature, have explained why I wrote the book (“Why a Book”), what the book is about (same title), the justification for its main thesis (“The Moral and Spiritual Gap”), and the likelihood of change (“The Imperative in Reality”).  In this summary blog, I would like to come full circle and relate the book back to Green Seal, its work and mission.

I began in the first blog by saying that I wrote the book because the environmental movement has not yet succeeded.  I point out that the work of Green Seal and similar organizations has been critical in keeping environmental deterioration from getting worse and in initiating progress toward a more sustainable society.  But we keep on hitting a wall in terms of people’s attitude and concern.  That is where the book attempts to take over. Continue reading “Green Seal and the Book”

About the Book a Bit

20131119_100639By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

In my previous blog, “Why a Book,” I introduced my recently published book, In the Light of Humane Nature:  Human Values, Nature, the Green Economy, and Environmental Salvation. Focusing on the origins and purpose of the book, I gave just a brief capsule of its main theme. I described its message as getting in touch with the human values that we most cherish, those that make the human species truly sapiens and humane, so that we will treat others and the rest of the world with the care they require.

Pretty far away from Green Seal, you think?  Well, try these excerpts:

Our attitude toward nature is lacking in a vital way; in our destruction of nature, something is lost in our souls. We must develop sound moral and aesthetic attitudes toward nature based not on ecological knowledge so much as on human values themselves. Continue reading “About the Book a Bit”

Why a Book?

Arthur-ColorBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

I’d like to tell you about a book I’ve just had published.  Why I wrote the book.  Coming blogs will discuss various themes of the book.  It’s entitled, In the Light of Humane Nature:  Human Values, Nature, the Green Economy, and Environmental Salvation.  If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, please read on.

I have been in the environmental field for more years than I care to say – not just because I am reticent about my age, but because the environmental movement over this time hasn’t succeeded in forestalling environmental demise.  Despite many environmental laws, regulations, and incentive programs and the growth of the “green economy” in recent years, most of our vital indicators continue to spiral downward.  That is why I wrote the book, unashamedly and perhaps grandiosely:  to try through another channel to help turn the tide. Continue reading “Why a Book?”

The Year in Review and Ahead

Arthur-ColorBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

In the more northern climates, at least, we typically experience a riot of color in the autumn before the vegetative world quiets down for the winter.  My staff and I mirrored this burst of activity with a busy fall travel schedule, visiting clients and partners and appearing at conferences and tradeshows.  As the calendar year winds down and allows a moment of reflection, I’d like to review what we have achieved over the past year, usually with the participation of clients and partners, as well as what lies ahead. Continue reading “The Year in Review and Ahead”

Connecting with the Field

Arthur-ColorBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

I like my office at work and have a wonderful staff. But one of my favorite aspects of working at Green Seal is getting away from these: visiting our certification clients and traveling to places where we have projects with partners on the ground.

An organization like Green Seal constantly risks being in an ivory tower of standard-setting and certifying. Since we don’t produce any products or services ourselves, we are removed from the day-to-day challenges involved in making them more sustainable. Also, as a quasi-academic, third-party body, Green Seal necessarily stays aloof from the fray of ordinary commerce, but this can limit our understanding of the forces that affect the very performance we are benchmarking. Continue reading “Connecting with the Field”

Meeting with our New Advisory Council

Arthur-Color By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

After several years in the planning, Green Seal’s Board of Directors finally established an Advisory Council this year. Beyond putting some well-known names on our roster, the Council is intended to broaden Green Seal’s reach to new audiences, especially consumers, and to connect us with thought-leaders in various areas of sustainability. My assistant, Kat, helped get the Council off and running, and her previous blog post offers greater detail about each of its members. I’d like to talk here about a recent experience I had with several of the Council members who live on the East Coast. Continue reading “Meeting with our New Advisory Council”

Green Seal in the Sustainability Movement: Our relationship to other NGOs and government

Arthur-ColorBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

Green Seal was one of the first U.S. non-profit organizations (“NGOs”) to make the greening of the economy the focus of its efforts. We have worked from the start on promoting more sustainable business practices by identifying greener products and services in many categories and helping to catalyze market demand for them.

When I espoused this view of Green Seal years ago, the head of another environmental group, who happened to be on my Board, objected that his (advocacy) organization was also about greening the economy. No doubt he was correct. But there was a critical difference. Continue reading “Green Seal in the Sustainability Movement: Our relationship to other NGOs and government”