Be Recognized for Your Sustainability Leadership in 2017

Mark StanlandBy Mark Stanland, Vice President of Client Services

Once again, it’s that time when we talk about how quickly the year has gone. This often proves to be very true as we get busier with the demands of the current business environment. As 2016 comes to an end, here are a few questions I would encourage Green Seal clients to consider: What are you doing to promote your sustainability story? Are you taking full advantage of the resources available to you to market and promote your Green Seal-certified products and services? Green Seal offers tools and programs to make this easier for our clients. Here are three things that can be done in the New Year for a successful 2017.

Promote Your Sustainability Leadership
Green Seal has a variety of marketing tools that can be used to help highlight client sustainability leadership. Brochures, graphics, and various other marketing and communications materials can be found on our Online Marketing Tools Portal (clients, contact us for login information). A number of clients have developed printed brochures and materials for their websites. For example, several certified cleaning services (GS-42, Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services) have customized the brochure “Your Cleaning Service: Your Competitive Edge,” tailoring the key messaging and visuals for their respective markets. Digital versions of the brochure were also developed so customers can download and print information on demand to include with presentations, sales quotations, etc. Other brochures in the Marketing Tools Portal are also available for customization.

Market the Value of Your Certification

There is market value in Green Seal certification that can be communicated using materials created by Green Seal. We offer “Benefits Summaries” (see above) by standard that outline the environmental and health benefits of certification under each standard. This information can easily be integrated into client marketing materials and presentations. For example, some manufacturers,hotels, and restaurants/caterers have incorporated the benefits information on their website sustainability pages to illustrate their commitment to human and environmental health while also communicating the value of the certification. Additionally, one Green Seal international manufacturing customer recently created marketing materials in Spanish, and included a Green Seal video with Spanish subtitles, to help tell their green story. There are many possibilities for developing materials with Green Seal that support your strategy for reaching customers.

Talk to Us

Did you know Green Seal offers a Client Services Program that is designed to assist clients in driving demand for Green Seal-certified products and services and to maximize the value of Green Seal certification? To schedule a call to learn more about how we can help support your business, please contact me at or 202-697-4195.

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Author: Mark Stanland

VP of Client Services at Green Seal

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