A Window into a Credible Approach to Sustainability


At the biggest Earth Day celebration in the world, Earth Day Texas 2016, two sustainability leaders—a nonprofit ecolabel and a windows manufacturer, discussed why consumers rely on them to make smart purchasing decisions. Green Seal’s President & CEO Dr. Arthur Weissman and Renewal by Andersen of Dallas’ General Manager Chris Pound shared the stage on April 23rd in Dallas, Texas and discussed the power of a credible ecolabel.

On the Right Side of History

Both Green Seal and Renewal by Andersen share an impressive history as sustainability pioneers. Founded in 1903, Andersen has continually been on the forefront of innovation in window materials, raising the industry benchmarks for energy efficiency and environmental impact. Founded in 1989, Green Seal, is “the granddaddy of all third-party eco-certifications”, as recently described in Scientific American for starting the green eco-labeling movement. 20 years ago, the two organizations’ paths merged when Andersen became the first window manufacturer to receive Green Seal certification.

A Lifecycle Approach

Along with the companies’ established reputations, consumers rely on the two brands because of their commitment to a holistic and verified approach to sustainability. On stage, Weissman and Pound discussed the various Green Seal criteria Andersen’s windows meet including natural resource conservation, human health, waste, and performance. Chris Pound emphasized durability as an important sustainability selling point for Andersen and Green Seal, explaining how a long-lasting product reduces consumption and saves money because it does not require frequent replacement.

Can You Prove It?

In today’s market, there is a lot of noise as it relates to green products, which makes credible third-party certification a powerful tool for consumers and manufacturers. Companies often spend more effort creating a “green” public image than actually reducing their environmental impacts. Therefore, a lot of green marketing is not backed by meaningful action from companies.

In contrast, as Dr. Weissman explained, the Green Seal mark proves meaningful action. The certification standards are based on scientific research and are developed in an open and transparent way with input from a variety of stakeholders. Green Seal standards ensure that the most important impacts of a product are addressed. Therefore, when a company like Andersen gets its windows certified by a credible ecolabel like Green Seal, it proves to consumers that it truly is a sustainability leader.

For a list of Green Seal-certified windows, click here. For a closer look into Green Seal’s Standard for Windows, click here.




Renewal by Andersen is a sustainability leader in the window and door industry and a manufacturer of Green Seal-certified products for over 20 years.

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